Stu ray


Inspired by David Bowie, creates layer by layer


A Little Art Intro

I have never, ever studied painting! I’m totally autodidact & visionary self-taught artist entirely free of any formal art education, simply pure and authentic. I have the feeling that this is the reason why my paintings have such a unique look. Nobody was there telling me what I could and could not do.

My Statement

My art is a result of a free-flowing mind seeking to express itself. With my adventurous spirit, I explore different techniques… My favorite personal statement: “You never know, unless you try” show these bright and super eye-catching  I use everything I can find, from paint, to pen, to 24k gold, to metal flake & epoxy resin. Every piece is an experiment – I never have a concrete idea of how it will turn out. I keep playing with the piece organically until it feels right and speaks to me.